Why OHS?


After the birth of the baby the entire focus shifts to the little one. Suddenly, no one seems to care for the mother at all, that is including the mother herself.

But we do understand that a new mother needs a lot of care and attention. At O'Happy Sunshine, our effort is to be a support for the mothers, come up with solutions that will take the new mommies worries away and make her life easier. Nursing wear is the first starting point in that. 

First Troubles with NIP*

I did not realize the worries of *Nursing in Public until I had to feed my little one on her first visit to the doctor. 

Most new mommies don't realize the troubles of Nursing in Public before their first visit to the doctor for baby's vaccination. The lucky ones, who have their doctor close their homes, face their first big challenge during their travel to parent's or in-laws' place or attending a family gathering.

Suggestions and Alternatives?

Social Life or Infant Formula?

  • Starting Top feed: This is the most common advice by elders, but doctors strongly recommend against it. Plus, bottles are source of so many infections for the babies. 
Advantages of breastfeeding

  • Feeding Covers: Somehow never convinced me. My little one just kicks away the shawl I used, I guess because she felt suffocated in it.
  • Feeding Nighties/gowns: Have limited use only at the night. One can't just wear nighties all day long.
  • Breastpumps: Are too costly, and I am not sure how much is the utility. Again, the added risk of unsterilized bottles 

To say the least, I was disappointed with the solutions in the market. I was not ready for six months of social confinement, but taking care of my little one's needs was my undoubted first priority. 

Putting on the Thinking Hat

I thought wouldn't it be wonderful if we had something like an opening from the sides. So I designed my own tops and kurtas which had concealed zippers on the sides. After numerous failed attempts with the tailors and troubles with finding good quality zippers, I was able to nail down the solution. That definitely made my life easier. Instead of increasing my worries of sterilizing bottles and carrying formula, this has certainly reduced my worries BIG time.

My Experiences and O Happy Sunshine

Whether be on a flight or train or visit to relatives or doctor, these nursing tops have been my best friends. I am so thankful to God at times when my baby is sleeping fine during the flight take off, while I can hear others feeling the pain. I decided that I should do my best to help other mommies also feed their babies more confidently and discretely in public. Hence, the idea of opening this store. 

My Hope!

I am a new mom myself and I understand the million worries we have with our little ones! These feeding tops have made my Life easier - I never had to think twice before stepping out of the house with my little one. I hope they will make your and your little one's life more comfortable too.