Quick Beauty Tips for busy Mommas!

With a little naughty ones running around the house, we hardly get time to take care of ourselves , forget about going to beauty parlors and spas (though once in a while we should take a break and let the daddys do the duty). Simply give a few minutes to your skin each night and you will see improvement and enhanced beauty within a few days.

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Tiny Hands and Tiny little toes

Little ones give our life a new meaning! Days get brighter and smiles broader. Such is parenthood.
Read on a heart melting poem written straight from heart!
About the Author -
Shaveta Marwah is a full time employee at RBS and loves to pen down her thoughts during some queit moments.
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Thanks Deepthi ~

Besides my lil ones giggles and smiles what makes my day special is a love note from a happy mommy! Such as the one I received from Deepthi.

Here is what she has to say about her experience about the nursing top she bought from O'HappySunshine.

"I was at my friend’s place today when my baby started getting cranky to nurse. So, when my friends husband left the room - she told me that I can now comfortably feed my baby. I told her that I have already been feeding him for last 5 mins. She could not believe how I managed to pull this off so discreetly. She fell for the kurta and might be ordering one for herself soon. Thank God for these nursing kurtas, I have fed my baby at supermarkets, hotels, in cars.. and I just love it. I hope you can help my friend as well, she is really nervous to feed in public.."

Of course, my answer was a definite yes, and I couldn’t help having a broad smile on my face for the rest of the day :)

Here is Deepthi posing in her favourite Green and white nursing kurta, she says that it has been like a uniform when she goes out with her lo. 

Thanks so much!

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Fate.. Of A Woman

About the author - 
Shaveta Marwaha works full time at RBS and is a mom to a naughty lil one but manages to do what she loves the most. This one is written on one of those rare days when her lil one planned to go to bed early ~
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Being MOM … One person, many hats!!

When you have a fussy eater at home , try out these awesome recipes from
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Thank You Mom!

I have never seen a more beautiful and a touching add than this one. Each time I see I get those goosebumps.  And I feel gratitude for my mom a million times from the bottom of my heart. How she stood by me through thick and thin and teaching me that 'Falling only makes you stronger!'

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Our Happy Customers!

"These nursing Kurtas gave me just what I needed to feed my baby with confidence when I was visiting India. Unlike in Canada, in India I couldn't find nursing rooms/lounges in malls etc. So I wasn't comfortable using my regular nursing cover while nursing in public in India"

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There is a last time for everything...

A beautiful poem that touched my heart deep within. I almost had tears in my eyes! It makes my heart skip a beat thinking about those last times. Gosh! sometimes I just want that everything pauses for a while so that I can enjoy this time a little more.
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Thank You God for these little pumpkins!

Thank you God for these super cute pumpkins! I just happened to hop on to this one and wanted to share it right away. They are so damn funny and so damn true! 

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Joys of motherhood ~

Each day was a new day full of surprises for me. To watch my newly born angel quickly grow into a naughty kid will always be one of the sweetest sights of my life.
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