Drawing Contest! Exciting prizes for the winners!

Read the story "Who's Got Milk For Baby Monkey?" from our webpage -http://www.myyum.net/fables - and if you like it, share it!

World Breastfeeding Week

If it inspires you, share with us your drawings ... Whatever the fable inspires you!
... And win exciting prizes from our wonderful sponsors -- don't forget to check out their pages and services!

So here you go, open to adults and kids:

-- Adults' category:
1st prize: One amazing ring sling by ANMOL BABY Carriers --www.anmolbabycarriers.com;
2nd prize: Two free sessions of Career/Child Counselling by Proeveswww.proeves.com;
3rd prize: 50% discount on one of the very useful nursing wear creations byO' Happy Sunshine --www.ohappysunshine.com; ...And... Rs.500 worth discount coupon on the very ecofriendly/baby friendly cloth diapers by Cloth Diaper Shop - India --www.clothdiapershop.in ;

-- Kids' category:
1st prize: Lots of fun with two free Pro-Playdate pass (or Rs.1,000 worth Amazon voucher if the winner is not resident in Delhi/Mumbai) by Proeves--www.proeves.com;
2nd prize: A gorgeous doll /toy carrier by Reshma Custom Creations
3rd prize: Fun fingerpaints kit as a token of appreciation from Myyum - Breastfeeding and Motherhood Support

...And a final surprise:
All participants will be awarded a 10% discount coupon on Anmol products -- Courtesy ANMOL BABY Carriers

Send us your drawings before August 16, by email at myyuminfo@gmail.com or by facebook https://www.facebook.com/MyyumBreastfeedingAndMotherhoodSupport.. And don't forget to like and share our page!

*All prizes and offers have a validity of 6 months from now.
*Jury to be announced soon!

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