Tips for breastfeeding in public

1. Know that you are doing the right thing -

Knowing that you are doing the best thing for you little one will give you confidence. Know that you are protecting your baby from many diseases/infections he/she could get by providing antibodies. The more you know about the advantages of breastfeeding for you and your baby the more you would want to continue and avoid formula.

Breastfeeding in public

2. Choose discreet nursing clothes or nursing cover - 

Sometimes nursing in public gets really tricky eg. travelling in a bus or a train. Discreet kurtis or tops are a big blessing. Even if you choose to wear discreet kurtis, do carry a cover up (dupatta or a stole). Just in case you want to burp your baby you can cover up using the stole and worry about zippers later. Some babies do not like nursing covers since they feel suffocated, in that case kurtis or tops work the best.

3. Practice in front of the mirror - 

If you are worried about showing a lot of skin while nursing, this will help you feel confident. You will be surprised to notice that a nursing baby covers up most of it and this probably will not be an issue anymore.

4. Nurse when the child shows first signs of hunger

Waiting for a baby to start crying isnt a great idea. that will only make you panic and also attract the eyes of people around. The best thing to do is to nurse the baby when it starts showing the very first sings of hunger.

5. Smile

If you notice someone glancing in your direction as you breastfeed your baby, even if they are frowning or looking horrified, give them a smile! You know you are doing something very important for your child, and that’s a good thing. If you show your confidence with a friendly smile, you may defuse the situation.

Feeding in public

                               Discreet Nursing Kurtas by O'Happysunshine

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