Motherhood / love being a mommy

Thank You Mom!

I have never seen a more beautiful and a touching add than this one. Each time I see I get those goosebumps.  And I feel gratitude for my mom a million times from the bottom of my heart. How she stood by me through thick and thin and teaching me that 'Falling only makes you stronger!'

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There is a last time for everything...

A beautiful poem that touched my heart deep within. I almost had tears in my eyes! It makes my heart skip a beat thinking about those last times. Gosh! sometimes I just want that everything pauses for a while so that I can enjoy this time a little more.
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Thank You God for these little pumpkins!

Thank you God for these super cute pumpkins! I just happened to hop on to this one and wanted to share it right away. They are so damn funny and so damn true! 

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