#SuperMom Diary

Do you remember the day you found out you were pregnant.

It all started with a few tears of joy, excitement, those funny baby kicks, worry, sleepless nights, anxiety and finally the happiest tears rolling down your cheeks as you held your baby for the first time in your arms.

And the very next moment forgetting all the pain you went through. Such is motherhood! 

Every Mom you meet has a different story to share, you might relate to some and to some you might not. But there is definitely something you can learn from others!

Let's hear what Sheel, who works with Schneider Electric has to share with us.  

Please share your experiences on motherhood and how it has changed you as a person?
We all respect our mothers as a child. However, after becoming a mother myself only I could understand the pains my mother must had endured in making me a person I am today! It has taught me the real meaning of the word 'Maa'! 
How do you relax while juggling between a gazillions of tasks you have everyday?
It's an art I guess which each mother learns in due course after receding its bundle of joy. The world is not same for me anymore.. I can not have time at my mercy now.. Best is to merge my relaxation with existing works.. For instance.. I watch my fav episodes when I am pumping milk for my baby. :) 
Where all have you used O’HappySunshine kurtas? How has it made your life easier?
Airport.. Flight.. Train.. Almost everywhere. Moms in today's world do not stay at home like earlier days.. And this kurta helps maintain dignity with ease in public places while nursing. 
Your advice for other new mothers who are starting on with their journey?
Be patient & relaxed. Tough times will pass leaving good memories. 
Any other interesting experience you would like to share?
Feed your baby is the advice I would like to give to new moms. Don't start with bottle feeding early. It is the best time you can share with your baby. The love with which my baby looks at me after nursing him.. It's heaven! 
Thanks Sheel from O'HappySunshine Team 

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