Super Mom Stories are the sweetest!

Do you remember the day you found out you were pregnant.

It all started with a few tears of joy, excitement, those funny baby kicks, worry, sleepless nights, anxiety and finally the happiest tears rolling down your cheeks as you held your baby for the first time in your arms.

And the very next moment forgetting all the pain you went through. Such is motherhood! 

Every Mom you meet has a different story to share, you might relate to some and to some you might not. But there is definitely something you can learn from others!

Let's hear what Reecha, who worked with Ericsson and now is enjoying being a stay at home mom with her daughter.

Super Mom Story - Feeding in public made easy
Please share your experiences on motherhood and how it has changed you as a person?
Motherhood is magical!! It has made me feel very special. My lil one has given me strength to a level where I never thought I could go to take care of her. Despite of all the challenges a new mom feels - the feeling of happiness and joy can't be described in words. Even when I am asleep, there is some divine connection with my daughter that tells me I should check on her.
How do you relax while juggling between a gazillions of tasks you have everyday?
My motto is - when she sleeps I overlook all the clutter and spend some time with myself.. Watching TV...reading book may be for 30 min but I try to get my 30 min in a day to feel better and ready for rest of the day. Now that she has grown up - I also enjoy doing craft projects with her and I also engage her in the daily chores like clean up after playtime so it feels great when she gives me a helping hand. So it's all fun and learning together.
Where all have you used O’HappySunshine kurtas? How has it made your life easier?
I wish I found about OHS kurtas a little earlier...I feel if I had this Kurta earlier, my daughter wouldn't have had to go on formula feed. But I feel I made the best choice that I had at hand. No regrets, honestly!
Your advice for other new mothers who are starting on with their journey?
Motherhood is tiring and very stressful but all that effort is worth the one hug one smile of your little one. Enjoy every bit of it. Don't miss it. Kids grow up too fast and all you are left with is memories! Make sure you make good ones!
Any other interesting experience you would like to share?
Every moment is interesting with my lil one. I really love my conversations with her when she wants to talk and behaves like me, make presents for me, feed me with her tiny hands. One day my daughter was not eating her food  and I told her if u will not eat, u will not become strong like mumma and then she came to me and said don't worry mumma it's ok don't worry.... and we had a hearty laugh together.
Thanks Reecha from O'HappySunshine Team 

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