Celebrating your baby's first Diwali

Diwali is a festival that brings lots of joy and happiness in ones life and the happiness increases manifolds if there is a new baby in the house.

Amidst the celebrations and excitement it is very easy to forget that its too much for a young baby to handle. Here are a few points which you can keep in mind to help you and your baby enjoy his/her first Diwali

  1. Stick to the baby’s routine - As much as possible try to stick to baby’s routine of bath time, feeding and nap times. A well rested baby will be less cranky and irritable and will be able to enjoy with you more.
  2. Parents always be around your little one - Too many guests visiting and holding the baby can be overwhelming to the lil one. Parents or care givers should always be around to make the baby feel secure.
  3. Choose comfortable clothes for you and for your baby - Make sure moms clothes are comfortable and do not irritate your baby skin. The best idea is to pick a bright, colorful yet a simple outfit preferably a nursing dress which gives you both style and confidence breastfeed comfortably even in front of others. Breastfeeding kurti formal   
  4. Watch out what your baby eats - Make sure you keep nuts and other foods not right for the baby out of his/her reach.
  5. Stay Indoors -  Sudden loud noises can frighten the little one. Also the smoke from the fire crackers is very unsafe for the babies. So it is best to keep them indoors. And enjoy the sparkling lights and decorations from a safe distance.

I hope these will help you as you prepare for your baby's first Diwali.

Breastfeeding in public

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