Gifting ideas for new Moms

After the baby is born, the whole attention is on the baby and the mom and her needs are totally ignored. Taking care of a new baby drains a mom completely and sometimes makes her feel unconfident about herself especially if she has very little or no help.

The major gifts that a new mom receives is everything for the baby! I didn't have to buy any clothes or toys for my little one until her first birthday.

One of my close friends gifted me a kindle paper white and that has been my best friend ever since - It has helped me thru several sleepless nights every mother has.
So I came up with a list you can gift to your new mommie friend. Lets make the new mothers feel loved and cared for.

Relax with an eye mask and pamper kit

Getting some good rest and relaxation in is really important, and anything that helps achieve that will surely go down well.

A room vaporiser

Again, to help make some time to unwind and relax, a room vaporiser is a good choice. You can use a variety of smells to suit any tastes! Make sure to check which smells are safe. My personal favourite is lemon grass.


Take some time out and read a book

When the new baby naps you can use that time to relax and read your favourite book. And may be a few parenting books if its for a first time mom. Best thing about Kindle paper white is that the screen light is very soothing to the eyes and you can comfortably read in the dark without the need of any extra light.

Nursing Kurta

The best thing you can give to a new mother is the confidence that she can take care of her baby well. If the baby is well fed and well slept - everything else is easy. The problem arises when you have to go out and the baby gets hungry, that is one major worry every mother has - "how am I going to feed my baby?". These kurtas I designed after my little one was born have helped me sail thru confidently and comfortably. These have been one single answer to many worries.

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