Being MOM … One person, many hats!!

Truly this is exactly what I am sure all mothers have felt at some point of time of their journey as being MOM’s. I am a mother to a 17months baby girl (Annika) I switch roles from being a caring mother when she’s sick, to being her nanny cleaning her soiled diapers, to her friend who plays in her play tent. Well as though multiple roles for her weren’t enough I try & be a good daughter to my awesome parents,  I am a good wife to my husband (eh.. Im hoping I can say that confidently), a blogger who passionately pens down her culinary experiments, a home chef catering to a lot of hungry souls by choice & an entrepreneur in the making, or rather you can call me a ‘Mompreneur’ handling her start up.

When you have so many roles to play & when you have a growing up daughter (with tantrums changing every single day) I wonder at times how nice would it be if God gave me more than 24 hours to cope with all of this. Currently Annika is in a phase where she’s begun having an opinion.  Her food choices suddenly one day completely changed. As though she posed this big question to me… ‘ Common mamma, get creative! Can you?’  So each day I needed to think of something different for breakfast to lunch to dinner. Each meal was becoming a challenge. Some experiments worked & some obviously did not!

The bigger challenge was, when I was faced with leftovers of the experiment that did not go well with her, what do I do with the food. So, the day before yesterday I tried making macaroni for her, with grated veggies etc. & she refused to even put a single spoon to her mouth. I had a whole bowl of it left. Hating to waste food I came up with this ‘Leftover Macaroni Croquettes’ Do try this !

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If you’re a mom, who faces the same kind of challenge, do use baby left overs to make cutlets or paratha’s ! Cheers to all you awesome mothers who are doing an absolutely fabulous job in raising the next generation !!

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