Joys of motherhood ~

"Being a Mom has made me so tired and so Happy - Tina Fey"
Thanks Sumi for sharing with us your experience of being a mother to a 14 month old naughty little girl. Here's a guest blog post on Joys of Motherhood from Sumi - 
I can vouch for the fun, joy, laughter & surprises that the first year of motherhood brings with itself . Each day was a new day full of surprises for me. To watch my newly born angel quickly grow into a naughty kid will always be one of the sweetest sights of my life.
I will be as candid as I can in saying that being a mother, especially that first year, is one of the hardest jobs that one can think of. Indeed, motherhood is difficult, tiresome and at times gruelling but it is also the sweetest and most enjoyable things that can happen to one. Be it waking multiple times during the nights for changing the diaper or comforting the baby during vaccinations, none of it was easy, but I cannot thank God enough for giving me  the chance to live it with my little one. What does she like? What makes her laugh? How to put her to sleep? Discovering these little things made feel like I have discovered big treasures.
All in all the, first year of my motherhood was quite busy and it is getting busier by the day. Yet these are the times to cherish as very soon, as they grow up, the little ones would not want to be held in your arms.
About Sumi - 
Sumi is working as an operations executive at Greenlight Planet and is currently on a sabbatical to take care of her naughty little girl.

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