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Let's hear what Aditi has to say about her recent purchase from O'HappySunshine
"I was always worried about feeding my son in public places and when I came across oh happy sunshine kurtas , it was like my prayers were answered!!!
The kurtas are nothing like the boring options available in the market. They are very wearable and can be worn anywhere and everywhere. What I love about the kurtas is the fact that they make feeding very easy. Earlier I preferred not going out  as I was nursing my son every two hours! The ‘Kurtas’ made it possible for me to do that! I would totally recommend the kurtas to the new moms. These kurtas are totally must have in every new mothers wardrobe!
Thank You O'Happy Sunshine for the wonderful nursing solution!"

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  • Poonam says...

    I like all the stuff very much. will buy in few days as i am planning a vacation….

    On September 29, 2015

  • avani sharma says...

    Now my worries are over..being a new mom I always had one worry,’ how will I feed my little one in public?’.. But now m relaxed bcoz of these kurtas..its very comfortable to feed while u r in public..without any worry..thanks to ohappysunshine..these kurtas are very comfortable while feeding… Now no tension on the back of my mind that how m I going to feed…its must for every new mom..

    On March 27, 2015

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