#SuperMom Diary!

Every Mom you meet has a different story to share, you might relate to some and to some you might not. But there is definitely something you can learn from others!

During this journey called Motherhood you learn about your STRENGTHS you didn’t know you had, deal with FEARS you didn’t know existed. And that makes you a super mom you are today.

Let's hear what Aditi, who works with United Nations has to share with us.  

SuperMom India United Nations

Share your experiences on motherhood and how it has changed you as a person?

Motherhood has been most blissful, beautiful and wonderful phase of my life. I enjoy being a mon every single day and every single minute. Even though my son is just two-year-old, I find solace in him. He is one of the ‘most patient’ listeners in my life. Every day when I go back home and bombard him my office politics, gossip, challenges that I face and how I mitigated them. He patiently listens to me. I know that he doesn’t understand much or any of it but the fact he patiently tries to listen and understand it everything for me.

Motherhood has made me realize potential of ‘giving’ for being there for this little bundle of joy without any expectations and just LOVE. So two years back I fell in Love again! ‘can’t live without each other’ kind of love

How do you relax while juggling between a gazillions of tasks you have every day?

It very difficult to take out those 2 minutes for yourself.  On my way to work I make it point to read. It can be anything a book, newspaper anything that helps me unwind and relax.

Where all have you used O’HappySunshine kurtas? How has it made your life easier?

Oh I love the kurtas! I did use them when I was nursing my son but the Kurtas so lovely that I have continued using them after I stopped nursing as well. I wear them to work regularly and get compliments every time I wear one.

Your advice for other new mothers who are starting on with their journey?

Enjoy your time with your kid! they grow up so fast and when they are old you miss the younger ‘thems’. Don’t forget to take care of yourself because if not you no one else will and yes .. definitely buy O'Happy sunshine kurtas. They make your life 10x times easy.

Thanks Aditi from O'HappySunshine Team 

Super Mom 

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