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Feeding in public made easy Breastfeeding in public made easy Shruti Katyal, Founder of O'Happy Sunshine, speech at TEDx. Helping new mothers feed their newborns with confidence Interview with Shruti Katyal, Founder of O'Happy Sunshine. Helping new mothers feel confident about feeding in public

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Shreiya - Founder of Curious Caterpillars

From an Investment Banker to a Designer to stepping down at children’s level to conduct workshops - Had you ever imagined that you would be working in fields as diverse as these? Please share your experiences on motherhood and how it has changed you as a person? Motherhood is a journey...

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Educational Technology in Early Childhood — Yay or Nay

Educational Technology in Early Childhood — Yay or NayWe all know how addictive technology is. With parents finding it hard to keep their phones down, imagine how technology feeds young brains. Some people have even gone far to compare its addiction to heroin. And when this addiction starts so early, it is scary to imagine the consequences. Often such children find it impossible to keep themselves entertained and constantly look for external stimulus.

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Tips for breastfeeding in public

Sometimes nursing in public gets really tricky eg. travelling in a bus or a train. Discreet kurtis or tops are a big blessing. Even if you choose to wear discreet kurtis, do carry a cover up (dupatta or a stole). Just in case you want to burp your baby you can cover up using the stole and worry about zippers later.

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Hey There,

Being a mother myself, I understand the million worries you have in your mind while walking out of the house with your little one. 

Isn't it time that we had a good nursing clothes solution so that we could strike off the major worry off our list while going out or someone visiting us. Nursing covers were no good for me as my baby felt suffocated in them and I always had to check and double check if I was carrying it in my bag. 

So from my own not so good experiences with the feeding clothes and solutions available in the market, I designed this set of clothing that lets you feed your baby discreetly. Go ahead, give it a try. I bet that you will like it and if you don't you can return it back within 30 days. 

O' Happy sunshine
'Happy babies = Happy Mommies'